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Breeding’s color coded FLASHCARDS are the best. Hands Down!  They kept me on target and highly organize when it came to learning the different domains.  In addition to other study materials, Breeding’s FLASHCARDS were a key to my success of my passing the RD exam!  The most exciting news is I still review them even now as a RD! I highly recommend them….they are a good investment!  HAPPY STUDYING!! -- Charmaine Jones, RDN LDN -- Washington, DC

Breeding and Associates Educational Resource Center

Are you Registration eligible? Let us help you take the next step toward becoming a registered dietitian. For over 25 years, Breeding & Associates Educational Resources' intensive, three-day workshops have have been instrumental in helping students prepare for the AND (formerly the ADA) Registration Examination.

Our primary goal is to offer a review that will help you understand the key concepts covered in all testing domains, make you comfortable with the computerized testing format (including the revised CDR test specifications), and ultimately help you pass the RD Examination.

If you are Registration Eligible, this is the best way to ensure your success. Our program is your complete path to success! We have a simulated practice exam, flash cards, and a guide that includes basic concepts from ALL domains with sample questions, rationale and source.

Our On-line RD practice exam walks you through all aspects of the RD Exam.  It is an essential interactive study tool. 

You can take the flash cards with you on the go.  Our 600+ color-coded flash cards have been hand-assembled by well respected members of the dietetic community. 

Our study guide not only introduces you to the format and materials likely to be on the RD Exam, but also includes hundreds of questions with explanations, rationales and sources for the answers  to help you better understand the concepts on the test. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!

"The Breeding and Associates Review Course offers students a thorough review of relevant course work to assist them in preparation for the registration exam.  Taking the course helps identify individual areas of weakness so students can focus their studies where needed."
Marianne Smith Edge, Past President of the American Dietetic Association.