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I wanted to share with you that I have passed my RD exam.  I passed it on the first try!  Thank you for your help and the wonderful study materials you have.  Sincerely - - Brittany

Study Manual

In the Breeding and Associates Registered Dietitian Exam Review Guide package you will find a variety of test prepreation and practice options. Below we have included some feature questions from the packet. To see the answer simply "mouse over" the area directly under the questions. Optionally you can make all answers visible by clicking here. If you would like to skip to a certain part of the page simply use the links below!

Review Book - Multiple Choice Quick Review Cards - Short Answer
Food Service Normal Nutrition
Community Nutrition Medical Nutritional Therapy
Food Science and Management Food Science and Management
Medical Nutritional Therapy Community Nutrition
Normal Nutrition  

Test Questions, Multiple Choice

Food Service

What management function should require the greatest allotment of time by a production manager?

A business pays 4% of its income for rent ($1200), 70% towards labor and food costs, and $2500 towards other expenses monthly. How much profit does this business make per month?

Which oven is most efficient per cubic feet of space?

Community Nutrition

A client comes to you on a low carbohydrate diet. She reports having one serving of carbohydrate per meal, 3-5 oz of meat each meal, no milk but eats cheese, and 2 vegetables. What nutrients will she most likely be lacking?

Information on the incidence or prevalence of nutrition related health problems would be located in:

The feminization of poverty refers to:

Food Science Systems & Management

Vegetables that have thiols are considered to be the most protective against cancer. Thiols are found in:

The smoke point temperature for fats is:

Medical Nutritional Therapy

The most appropriate snack for a patient on a neutropenic diet would be:

When a patient has gastric resection they may need the following supplement:

What feeding method would you recommend for a patient who had previous good diet history who had undergone extensive bowel surgery and has an ileus and fever 8 days postoperatively?

Which of the following nutrients contributes most significantly to the osmotic load of an enteral formula?

Which of the following lipoproteins is considered most atherogenic in the absence of familial cholesterolemia?

During exercise it is important to replace water which of the following who live in a warm climate would have the greatest concern?

The patient has a severe acute pancreatitis with nausea and vomiting, and requires 2500 kcal per day. Which regime would the dietitian recommend?

Normal Nutrition

Osteocalocin, a bone specific protein, is dependent on which vitamin for synthesis:

The term that encompasses the four specific nutrient recommendations used the US and Canada is:

Since the 1940’s the development of nutrient recommendations has been led by:

To improve the absorption of calcium you should have all the following except:

A naturally occurring substance in the body that is an essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport system is: