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Our Staff

CEO, Owner

Carolyn Breeding
President & CEO

Registrations & Certifications

- Registered by the AND (Formerly the American Dietetic Association)

- Licensed as Dietitian and Certified as Nutritionist by the Kentucky Licensure Certification Board

- Licensed by Ohio Board of Dietetics

- Certified Fellow of the American Dietetic Association

Professional Experience

2003 - Present: Owner/President
Nutrition Associates Purchasing Alliance Health Care Connection
A group purchasing organization assisting health care facilities to access aggressive pricing and quality services

1997 - Present: Owner/President
Breeding & Associates Educational Resources
An acclaimed national review workshop for RD eligible students

1995 - Present: Owner/President
Quality Provider Services, Inc.
Third party billing services for health care facilities.

1991 - Present: Owner/President/Consultant Dietitian
Dietary Consultants, Inc.
Providing a full range of dietary consultant services to Long-Term Care Facilities, Small Hospitals and Retirement Centers, Home Health Agencies, and Food Service establishments.


Jodi Reaves
Office Administrator


Shirley Ernest: B.S., Murray State University; M.S., Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY. Current Program Director, Breeding & Associates Educational Resources, currently working as a clinical dietitian in a community hospital and consulting in long term care. Previously employed as a Vocational Economics teacher for eight years; involved in work that included Head Start Home Instruction, Menu Planner, Site Development, and Nutritionist for Migrant Program. Also serves as the Director of Food Service for a Community College, Nutritionist for Mother-Child Clinic, and QA and CQI Program Developer. Instructor since 1997.

Shirley Ernest, MS, RD, CN

Marian Frisby: B.S., University College of New York at Buffalo; Dietetic Internship, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH. Has clinical experience in a mid-size community hospital and a regional medical center. Management experience includes positions in a small rual hospital and a health care system. Management team member during a five-facility consolidation; planned and implemented satellite system for patient tray service. CQI/Quality Action Team Leader. Consultant for several long-term care facilities. Instructor since 1997.

Marian Frisby, RD, LD

Marianne Melville: B.S. in Dietetics, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY.; Dietetic Internship, VA Medical Center, Houston; M.S. Texas Women’s University. Currently employed as a renal dietitian for two dialysis centers in Eastern Kentucky. Teaching experience includes a position at Marshall University as a Nutrition and Diet Therapy Instructor. Has also worked as Chief Clinical Dietitian for a community hospital, as renal dietitian for a large metropolitan hospital, as a nutrition consultant, and in research with CNS trauma patients. Instructor since 1998. Marianne Melville, MS, RD, LD
Virginia Turner: B.S. in Dietetics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Dietetic Internship, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH; M.S. in Nutrition, University of Maryland, College Park, MD with the thesis topic “Nutrition Intervention in Eating Disorders.” Experience includes 15 years in the field of medical nutrition therapy in community hospitals. Teaching experience includes serving as a preceptor for dietetic students (past ten years) and as a part-time Instructor at Kentucky State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and the University of Kentucky. Current Clinical Nutrition Manager at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN with a clinical staff of 15; also serves on the University of Tennessee Dietetic Internship Selection Committee; preceptor and lecturer for the internship program. Instructor since 1998. Virginia Turner, MS, RD, LD
Lawanda Rutledge: BS in Dietetics, Tennessee State University, MBA in healthcare, Baker University, and a Ph.D. in Management, Walden University. Over ten years of management experience, including foodservice (Sodexho & Morrison), dietetics (Saint Thomas hospital), and long term care (Consultant Dietitian). Currently working in the pharmaceutical industry as a Program Specialist. Lawanda Rutledge, MBA, RD, LDN
Sylvia Escott-Stump: MA in Adult-Community Education, Indiana University of PA (IUP). Dietetic Programs Director, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Consulting Nutritionist to private practice physicians, groups, long-term care facilities, businesses and educational organizations. Extensive healthcare, management, educational and consultative experiences. Author of numerous books, chapters and articles. Grant writing and management; leadership and direction of Dietetic Services Departments, Dietetic Internships, and WIC Programs. Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RD, LDN