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What People Are Saying About Us!

Breeding’s color coded FLASHCARDS are the best. Hands Down!  They kept me on target and highly organize when it came to learning the different domains.  In addition to other study materials, Breeding’s FLASHCARDS were a key to my success of my passing the RD exam!  The most exciting news is I still review them even now as a RD! I highly recommend them….they are a good investment!  HAPPY STUDYING!! -- Charmaine Jones, RDN LDN -- Washington, DC

Employment Opportunities

Dietary Consultants, Inc.  is currently seeking RD's.  For more information about job opportunities which are available, please contact: Dietary Consultants at 859-623-5096 or visit their webpage: 

Founded by DCI President, Carolyn Breeding, MS, RD, LD, FAND in 1991, Dietary Consultants , Inc. is the leader in the provision of high quality registered dietitian consulting services throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Indiana, and other surrounding states.